Marine Bombing Squadrons of the Second World War

Marine Corps EmblemThis website is intended to provide an overview of the eight Marine Bombing Squadrons (VMBs) that were formed and sent to the Pacific Ocean Area during the Second World War.

All eight of these Marine Bombing Squadrons were formed in 1943 and utilized the twin-engine B-25 Mitchell medium-bomber. In Marine Corps service, these aircraft were officially designated as PBJ-1s but were often referred to simply as "PBJs." Shortly following the end of the Second World War all of these squadrons were decommissioned and passed into history as little more than a footnote to the most destructive war the world has even known.
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The accompanying series of websites is dedicated to the officers and men of those squadrons as an expression of gratitude for their faithful and honorable service, with the hopes that their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

Begin your visit by selecting one of the VMBs below.

VMB-413 Insignia


VMB-423 Insignia


VMB-433 Insignia


VMB-433 Insignia


VMB-611 Insignia


VMB-612 Insignia


VMB-613 Insignia


VMB-614 Insignia


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